Gutter Cleaning

Spring or fall we will clean put gutters, downspouts to make sure the are free of debris and work properly. 

Gutter Installation and Repair

We can install new seamless gutters or repair existing gutters. 

Shrub Trimming or Removal

We can trim your shrubs to keep them looking nice all year.  Shrubs need to be trimmed correctly to insure growth year to year.  A lot of shrubs have certain times that they can be trimmed without harming them.  Leave that headache to us.  We can also remove large overgrown or unwanted shrubs as well. 

Weed Control or Fertilization 

We provide a full season package of weed control and fertilization, or you can choose just a few applications of either one.  We use a liquid weed control product that works faster than granular because it contacts the weed directly and does not have to be absorbed by the roots.  Our fertilizer is slow release product giving a longer adequate nutrients over time.  We do provide other options such as organic or granular only options. 

More Services

If you don't see a service listed please contact us.  We would love to help you with all of your outdoor needs.

East Side Lawn And Snow provides more than lawn care in Rochester , MN


We can install mulch, rock, flowers, and other plants.  Also sodding, retaining walls and other landscaping needs. 

Core Aeration

Core aeration is a essential maintenance practice to grow healthy turf.  Your yard can become compacted from lawn mowing to even foot traffic.  Aeration can be done in either spring or fall, and we recommend it once a year.  Heavily compacted soils, like clay may need it twice a year. 

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Lawn Mowing

We provide both commercial and residential mowing service.  This can be regular mowing every 7 to 10 days, vacation, or a one time call in mowing. If needed more frequent we can accommodate as well.  We mow at a height of 2.5"-3", and can be bagged at request..

Power Raking/ Dethatching

 Thatch in your lawn is fine as long as it is less than 1/2 " thick.  If necessary we provide two options. Power Raking- Which is  a machine the size of a push mower that pulls thatch up aggressively.  Tractor mounted tine dethatcher- Which is less aggressive but still effective. 


Over-seeding is a great way to get a fuller lush lawn resulting in less weeds.  We recommend over-seeding with a fall aeration. 

Tree Trimming or Removal

We can take care of your tree care needs.  We can simply do a trimming, or do a full removal.  We even can grind the stump so it like the tree was never there.  

Fence Installation

We provide residential, and commercial fence installation.  Vinyl, chain link, and wood fences. 

Snow Removal

We provide commercial and residential snow removal.  It can be every time it snows or when you just don't feel like it.  We charge per snow and the price is good up to 6".  Anything over 6" is prorated.  If necessary we can open up your property during a snow storm so access is possible.  Other services available are roof raking, and salting/sanding. 

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Clean ups are the removal of debris from your lawn, around buildings, landscaped areas, and paved surfaces.  The debris is hauled away unless another arrangement is made.